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Walk-In to Anne Sage’s Modern Retreat

Lumens Innovators Council member Anne Sage shares her process when designing a walk-in closet that …
Neutral palette dressing room with white pendant light hanging from center
Dancing Pendant, JWDA Rechargeable LED Table Lamp, Tearoom Cairn Oval Pouf and Stance Vase by Audo Copenhagen, Originals Butterfly Chair by L. Ercolani and Konstrukt Kelle Rug by Jaipur

We can make people feel amazing and as designers, that’s our most important job.

Anne Sage

Setting out to create a walk-in closet that inspires serenity, Anne Sage looked to ground her design in clean lines, natural textures and good light. “Lighting is very much a sculptural moment in every project,” she says. In this walk-in closet, Audo Copenhagen’s Dancing Pendant provides a sophisticated but unexpected element that speaks to Anne’s orderly-yet-playful aesthetic. Using shape to contrast with and complement other pieces, like Audo Copenhagen’s Tearoom Cairn Oval Pouf, creates a conversation between designs in the room. The final touch, a handcrafted Konstruct Kelle Rug by Jaipur Living provides a foundation upon which to start and end each day.