The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas- Day 10

Well, we are coming into the home stretch. Only three more lamps left in this year’s 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas list. Oh, so long ago, I outlined the criteria I used to pick all these lamps on Day 1. In case you missed it and are curious, be sure to take a look. Then come back to read about the number 10 Modern Lamp, which is…

10. Block Lamp by Design House Stockholm

As a source of lovely ambient light, the Block Lamp also qualifies as a piece of real modern art. Created by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen in 1996, Block has since become a design classic by blending together the contrasting elements of heat and ice and a rectangular exterior with a curvaceous interior.

The ice-like block is actually solid, watery-looking glass. This block acts much like a prism or cut crystal, reflecting and maximizing the sparkle of the light glowing within. This multi-faceted light will make the perfect table lamp and conversation piece in the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. In keeping with the theme of warmth on a chilly winter day, what better gift is there?

(The Block Lamp is also available in a couple other versions–the Block Lamp Mini and the Block Lamp Amber–both of which also meet the criteria for being great giftable lamps.)

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