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Fine Art Lamps have been defining luxury lighting since the late 19th century, but their designs have continued to have a place in modern interiors. The company’s new introductions are as refined and impeccable as ever, with bold designs and fresh takes on traditional style.

What started out as a small glass-making shop has grown to one of the top glass making companies and makers of luxury lighting fixtures. All Fine Art Lamps are made in the USA, and the company is known for its high-quality materials and attention to detail in their designs as well as their custom work.

Here are a few brand-new favorites we’ve got our eye on:

Black + White Collection from Fine Art Lamps

Black + White No. 780340 Pendant

Black + White Collection: Black, white and elegant all over. The bold contrast and geometric lines of the Black + White collection are a stylish juxtaposition of hard and soft. The line includes round pendant shapes that stay true to Fine Art’s original style, but also a selection fresh, modern shapes like those found in the Black + White Chandelier or the Black + White Wall Sconce.

Grosvenor Square 846040 Chandelier

Grosvenor Square 46040 Chandelier

Grosvenor Square 845450 Wall Sconce

Grosvenor Square 845450 Wall Sconce

Grosvenor Square Collection: The blend of contemporary and traditional in this collection has created sleek iterations modeled after the classic chandelier of Grosvenor Square, a large garden square that is the centerpiece of London’s Mayfair District. Available in polished nickel for a more modern take and antique brass for a more classic look. The wall sconces in this collection are especially stunning, with sharp angles and a long, statement-making silhouette.

Constructivism 842840-843240 Pendant

Constructivism 842840-843240 Pendant

Constructivism: Emblematic of Russian futurism, the Constructivism collection is centered around individual pieces of pillow-shaped cast glass. The individual lenses create an intriguing sculptural form, plus a beautiful diffusion of light through the cobblestone pattern. Each piece (3 pendants, 3 wall sconces and a linear suspension lamp) is available in 3 glass shade colors.

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