9 House-Related Adventures to Follow Online

Written by Nissa

For some people, their home is much more than just a place to live; it’s their passion, a continual source of inspiration and creativity. Such passion has compelled these people to chronicle their home adventures online.

The following are a few of our favorite house blogs (repeat, just a few; there are so many great ones out there!). First, they focus on some pretty exceptional architecture, design and renovation projects. They are likely to inspire readers to also make their homes blog-worthy. And, finally, the blog owners regularly contribute, so there’s always something new to see and appreciate.


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This blog tells the story of a 1955 Eichler or, more specifically, what happened when a couple bought a semi-rundown Eichler home and brought it back to its original mid-century modern glory. Surfaces, colors, landscaping and furnishing choices have all been made to enhance the home’s distinctive architecture. The name fogmodern was inspired by the frequent fogs in Sacramento and nearby San Francisco. Hopefully the “modern” part is self-explanatory.

The Inspired Room

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This blog highlights the efforts to transform a smallish, non-descript 1950s cottage into a charming white brick cottage, with a bit of coastal farmhouse thrown in. The result is bright and eclectic, with whites and blues, white marble, painted shiplap and rustic wood surfaces. In addition to highlighting her home, the blogger showcases previous efforts made on a new Craftsman bungalow and others.

Young House Love

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Young House Love chronicles a family’s trials, tribulations and, ultimately, successes in their renovations of several homes. The first, a small 1960s brick cabin. The second, a larger 1960s ranch-style. The third, a large brick Colonial. Husband and wife duo John and Sherry have built up several years of great storytelling about their home projects (many DIY) and we love that their style holds onto the integrity of the original designs with fun and modern personal touches. Be sure to check out their weekly podcast, also!

The Ugly Duckling House

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It’s a story many people can relate to. How do you update a very 1980s house? In this case, how do you also update a home from that era that has been severely neglected on top of everything else? This blog chronicles the owner’s efforts to tear her home apart and put it back together in such a way to really make it hers. There are lots of great project galleries and before and after (or still in progress) photos.

The Jungalow

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Color, pattern and plants. That’s the design style that the term “Jungalow” is meant to encompass, and it’s what this blog is all about. The featured home and design studio show off a rather dazzling mix of new and vintage thrift store finds, and a unique blend of styles. Mid-century modern pieces mingle effortlessly with Turkish and Moroccan patterns. And, of course, there is greenery just about everywhere.

The Frost House

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A house can’t look much more mid-century modern than the Frost House. This brightly colored 1958 pre-fab aluminum home shows design influences from the International Style and Modern Movement, and was made using construction methods innovative for its time. In addition to showing off the home of which they’re so proud, the owners are clearly fascinated by its history and have done extensive research to learn more it and other homes like it.

Brooklyn Limestone

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This blog began as a way to document a couple’s renovation of a 100+ year old limestone in Brooklyn. Lots of pictures show the process from before to after. And commentary throughout highlights the various challenges, design decisions and decorating choices that would help retain the limestone’s original charm yet still be comfortable and convenient for contemporary living.

Old Town Home

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The home featured in this blog is an 1887 Victorian row house in the historic Old Town district of Alexandria, Virginia. Renovations and updates to the home have been going on now for nearly 15 years, and they keep on coming. In addition to extensive photography of the renovation journey, what’s extra cool about this blog is you get some fun history and a library of specific restoration projects.

The Craftsman Bungalow

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If you appreciate Craftsman and Arts & Crafts home styles, this is the place for you. The site features the owner’s restoration projects of a couple Portland bungalows. He so loves these homes that he couldn’t stop researching the time period, the architects (Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene & Greene) and iconic Craftsman buildings all around the country. The result is this exhaustive site. We can’t stop looking through it.

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