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Welcoming Tom Dixon Lighting & Furniture

2010 August 4

When a list of manufacturing materials includes solid lacquered oak, cast iron, enamel, aluminum and marble, it hardly makes you think of contemporary lighting fixtures. But when modern design mixes with seemingly untraditional materials, you get a line of industrially sophisticated and innovative lighting fixtures and furniture—à la Tom Dixon. A lot of Tom Dixon’s lighting fixtures have me thinking, “that reminds me of…” only to find out that said resemblance was often a loose inspiration. I love that this line celebrates the unconventional materials, rather than try to mask them as something else.

In my excitement about having the brand now available at, I picked out a few of my favorite Tom Dixon lighting fixtures. My four faves:

Mirror Ball Pendants by Tom Dixon

Mirror Ball Collection

These often-imitated-never-duplicated pendant and floor lamps are icons of the Tom Dixon lighting collection. If you thought they looked a bit like space helmets, pat yourself on the back, as that was indeed the inspiration for these ultra reflective fixtures. Making one of these beauties sounds more like a science project than anything else: through the process of vacuum metallization, aluminum is vaporized and then sucked to the interior surface of the polycarbonate sphere via an electrical current. The bottom of the ball is left clear for useful downlighting (with the Mirror Ball pendants) and point-it-where-you-want-it lighting (for the Mirror Ball Floor Lamp).

Beat Light Pendant by Tom Dixon

Beat Lights

My favorite is the Stout version, but all Beat Light Pendants were inspired by the shape and hand-crafted metalwork used to create cooking pots and water vessels in India. Craftsman spin and hand-beat brass to give the rustic Beat Light Pendant a detailed golden interior and black patina exterior—so no two are exactly alike. Who doesn’t love something that feels like it was made just for them?

Pipe Pendant by Tom Dixon

Pipe Pendant

Anyone who knows me would assume I call this one a favorite because it comes in a white/pink color combination. And OK, while I do find that totally fabulous, the sweet color scheme is a nice contrast to the industrial look of aluminum and formed using a mandrel. And if pink isn’t your thing, the Pipe Pendant also comes in a classy black and gold. (Plus a Pipe Table Lamp and Pipe Wall Light are available as well).

Jack Light by Tom Dixon

Jack Light

Can you guess the inspiration for this one? The Tom Dixon Jack Light was first designed in 1994 as a “sitting, stacking, lighting thing.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, and so it remains to this day. Available in white or orange polyethylene, the Jack Light is made via air rotary molding, so the unique shape is supremely durable and multi-functional. If you love the shape but don’t have the need for a light, the unlit Jack Object is available in black and could be used for quirky, unconventional seating. I’d take that over a bean bag any day.

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