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Ways we Love the 2016 Color of the Year

Written by Cody

The hue to rule all hues is chosen each year by the experts at Pantone, who choose a single color that is expected to define the year ahead—in everything from fashion and home décor to a general sentiment about the world at large. You’ve probably heard that the star color for 2016 was a bit controversial, mainly in that it is not one, but two colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

So why two? These colors usually appear on the opposite ends of the spectrum, so pairing them puts a finger on a current zeitgeist in a bold way (as a nod to larger contrasting topics like gender and politics). But the choice seems to also be a statement of hope: bringing two opposites together amidst the heavy topics that follow us into 2016.

That sense of optimism fits right in with the design choices you might make this year. Pantone has given us the OK to pair—at their most basic—the ever polarizing pink and blue, and I’ve quickly come to realize how well they work together on so many levels.

One thing to note is how light both of these colors are—especially compared to those of previous years—Marsala, Radiant Orchid or Emerald, anyone? Both Rose Quartz and Serenity have a washed-out airiness, rather than the hard, solid colors we’ve seen in more recent years. Together, the pair add depth to modern spaces, soften the rigidity of a classic design, and provide a comforting, organic palette that can be used in just about any space.

If this color combo moves you, there are a number of ways to work it into your day to day. Running out for gallons of paint might be a little drastic, but small touches can make a big impact. Swapping out bright monochrome accents in a space with a wash of blues and pinks can lighten and soften the overall effect of a space creating a more restful haven for you.

Here are a few designs that bring the color(s!) of the year into your own space:


Mix traditional and modern. The very notion of these two colors together turns tradition on its head, so try the same in a design scheme. Add a portable like Luceplan’s Costanza Table Lamp or Foscarini’s Binic Table Lamp for an edgy pop of Rose Quartz.

On the other end, Serenity can be a soft and delicate addition to a room, such as with the watery Plass Pendant by Foscarini or the Gel-B Chair by Domitalia.


Bring in tones and textures to the bedroom. Pairing the rich, comforting weave of the Area’s Camille bedding collection in pink with the soft gloss of the Original 1227 Brass Wall Light by Anglepoise in dusty blue give you a light, playful space with vintage details.


Look to accessories. Touching up a living room? Add pop accents like Vitra’s Love Graphic Pillow in Pink on a neural tone sofa, juxtaposed with a glossy piece like the I Shine Vase by Kartell (fill it with a pale pink bloom!)


Design to dine. You can even take this pair to the dining table. Try matching up the rich texture of Chilewich’s Faded Floral Square Table Mat in blue with the candy-like glow of Kartell’s Jelly Champagne Flutes and Plates in Pink and Rose—perfect for Sunday brunch.

Creating a space for respite and re-charge matters, and feathering your nest with a little Rose Quartz and Serenity will help create your own personal escape from the world. So forget all the rules you thought there were about blue and pink and find the combination that works for you.

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