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8 Ways to Get the Guest Room Ready

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We hate to break it to you—it’s November already. Whether you’re busy shopping for the perfect holiday gifts or getting your front yard ready for seasonal decorations and lawn adornments, it can be tough to make time to get your guest room ready for holiday visitors. We’re happy to lighten your load just a bit, and have curated a list of top tips to help you get that long-forgotten spare room ready for company. If you want your guest space to be warm, welcoming, and showcase your impeccable taste, here are 8 easily executable ways to get there:

1. Layer linens. Whether you adorn the foot of the bed with an additional cozy comforter or stack extra blankets in a storage bin in the corner, ensure your guests never want for warmth by providing plenty of layering options. Plus, there’s something about a well-edited textile pile that feels cozy and inviting.


2. Provide storage. This is important for helping your out-of-towners feel settled, even if it’s just for a few days. No one wants to spend their holidays living out of a suitcase. Add a storage rack (we love the Anker Wardrobe Rack by Menu, above) ( to your guest room to make sure your visitors can hang their clothing and feel at home while enjoying this special time with you.

3. Make it festive.  A little holiday decor can go a long way in making a guest feel at home. While your living room and entrance way might receive the bulk of your seasonal decorations, a little flare in the guest room can keep your visitors in the spirit. If you really want to make an impression on your visitors, consider using personalized decorations your guests can take home with them when they depart.

4. Luxe up the linens. Plump towels and face cloths are essential. Refresh these linens on a regular basis to ensure your guests have all the creature comforts of home.

5. Be scent sensitive. Some sort of fragrant decor might be tempting to set the tone of the room, but we suggest something adding a scent-free soap or candle—a little extra something that’s pretty, but not overpowering.

6. Make it feel like a spa retreat. While the most spa-like this visit gets is a hot shower, a few small spa items could go a long way to make guests feel pampered. A small basket with a loofah sponges, nail files, cotton balls, and extra hand lotions all make an unexpected yet lasting impression.

7. Get the light right. A properly-lit bedroom includes both an overhead flushmount light for bright light, as well as bedside table lamps that provide in-bed task lighting and are easy to shut off when your guest is ready for some zzzzs.

8.  Add a mirror. A large modern mirror in the room serves as an easy way to decorate the walls, plus it’c certainly convenient for guests getting ready for the day.

Getting the guest room just right doesn’t have to be a chore; simple tips and a focus on good design are all you need to ensure both you and your guests have a fabulous holiday season.

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