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Water & Light, Part 2

Pool Installation Makes Waves in Madrid

A guerrilla art community from Madrid, Luzinterruptus is a group of anonymous artists that collaborate on light art installations. Most of their projects challenge, highlight or question a political or social milieu.

This particular installation, “Pool on a background of Field of Barley,” was a brilliant display of blue water illuminated from below–a “pool” of light, if you will, created by using recycled plastic containers, water, a bit of blue food coloring and a lot of light. The installation served as a voice for the community, calling on their city to make good on a promise.


In 2008, the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid lost their old pool when the city demolished it, promising to replace it with a “new and improved” one along with a high-end shopping center and sporting complex, all to be completed within 2 years. Four years later, La Latina is still without the improved pool, and residents say the modern shopping center won’t be affordable for them anyway.

Involving all ages, the installation took 12 hours to set up and glowed with azure allure until the early morning hours.

From raising awareness about pollution from motor transportation to supporting Spanish coal miners, Luzinterruptus has involved many volunteers to organize and execute gorgeous illuminated art displays that serve as reminders that art and light are powerful mediums. Check out their website to learn more about their past art installations and see what projects are in the pipelines.

*Images by Gustavo Sanabria

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