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Water & Light, Part 1

Water and electricity don’t mix. That’s what we’ve always been told. Put the two together and you can get hurt. We’ve also been told (most of us, at least) that graffiti is vandalism.

However, there is at least one case lately in which these two wrongs certainly make a right.

Take the artistic blend of water and light taken on by French artist Antonin Fourneau. Working in residence at the DigitalArti Artlab,  Fourneau worked for several weeks on various prototypes of what he termed the Water Light Graffiti project. The final result is a wall covered in thousands of LEDs that use water as the connector between them and their power source. It was set out on public display this past July in Poiters, France, with anyone passing by encouraged to let their creative juices flow.

There is no paint in sight. Instead, water-filled spray bottles, buckets, water-soaked paint brushes, sponges and even damp finger tips are the creative tools of the trade. The breadth and brightness of the LEDs are controlled by the amount of water applied, and the images created are amazingly distinct.

These works of art are sparkling, magical and transitory, fading into memory as the water dries. And with this kind of graffiti, no buildings are defaced; no damage needs to be repaired.

This is just one example of the weird, wild and wonderful things that can be accomplished with LED technology. Take a look:

And this isn’t the only example of the potential beauty and artistry of light when used in combination with water. In Part 2, you’ll read about another artistic team in Spain, Luzinterruptus,  which has used light and water to create a brilliantly blue swimming pool.


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