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Updating Your Home with the Adorne Collection

Legrand is a multinational brand with a suite of products aimed to help homeowners update their power outlets, light switches and dimming switches with ease. While you can find Legrand products in big stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, at Lumens, we are proud to carry the contemporary Adorne collection of products from this brand.

The Adorne collection is a unique, modern assortment of dimming switches, light switches, power outlets, wall plates and undercabinet lighting with unmatched innovation and style. Say goodbye to boring and hello to beautiful today with any of these Adorne products.

Every light needs a light switch, so why not choose something modern?

Legrand Adorne Sale

The complete Adorne collection from Legrand is on sale now through 5/31!

Adorne Dimmers

Adorne SofTap DimmerAdorne Whisper DimmerAdorne Sensa Dimmer
The dimming switches available in the Adorne collection of products are unique in that they offer a variety of ways to dim your light fixtures in ways you probably haven’t even imagined. With the best in technological advances and innovation, these dimming switches allow the user to choose from a variety of options including SofTap switches, Paddle switches, Touch switches, Whisper switches and the impressive Sensa switch that discovers when someone has entered a room and automatically turns on the lights. Pretty cool, right? We love these dimmers and they pair perfectly with modern and decorative lighting.

Adorne Light Switches

Adorne Touch Light SwitchAdorne Wave Light Switch
Similar to the variety of dimming switches in the collection, these light switches feature the same innovative technology and style. Here, you have the ability to turn your light fixtures on and off with contemporary Paddle switches, Touch switches, SofTap switches, easy-to-use Push switches, Whisper switches, Wave switches and Sensa switches. Plus, if you need a control for your fan, the Adorne Paddle Fan Speed Control allows you to control the functionality of your fan from just one switch. Are you making the switch to the Adorne collection yet?

Adorne Power Outlets

Adorne Tamper-Resistant OutletAdorne Pop-Out OutletAdorne USB Outlet
The Adorne collection also offers a variety of cool and unique power outlets you will want to see. These designs range from power outlets that include options to power common USB devices to the popular pop-out outlet that sits flush with your wall until you are ready to use it. Legrand’s Tamper-Resistant technology also helps make these outlets child-safe by preventing small objects from getting pushed inside the outlet. All Adorne outlets can be customized to your liking by pairing them with additional outlets or switches.

Adorne Wall Plates

Adorne Metallic Wall PlateAdorne Oak Wall Plate
To accompany your light switches, dimming switches and power outlets, the Adorne collection includes multiple variations of wall plates for you to choose from and you are able to customize them to your liking. From wall plates using real materials like oak or leather to plastics that come in too many colors to name, these plates will accommodate any switch you have while also synching in with your current color schemes. And if you would like your wall plate to match your existing wall paper or some other decorative element, look to the selection of custom wall plates and let your creativity go wild.

Adorne Undercabinet System

Adorne Undercabinet Lighting
Heading into the kitchen, Legrand continues to impress us with its complete undercabinet lighting system. This complete system complements modern kitchens with LED linear lights, LED puck lights and a variety of accessories like a tablet cradle or digital music kit. You’ll also find all of the connecting pieces and tracks you need to make the undercabinet system fit in your kitchen’s layout.

Whether it is a new light switch or a power outlet you need, the Adorne collection has an innovative, stylish option you will love. Take a look at the complete assortment here.

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