Unique Outdoor Lighting Options To Consider

At Lumens, we are fascinated with modern lighting design and when it comes to exterior lighting options, our interests remain the same. However, we occasionally come across designs that may be considered unusual or unexpected when used in contemporary settings. Aside from commonplace outdoor sconces, landscape lighting fixtures and outdoor-friendly ceiling fans, there are a number of statement-making LED lighting options that have recently caught our attention from Artkalia and Smart & Green.

Outdoor Lighting Options from Artkalia

In 2008, a team of designers and collaborators came together to develop energy efficient lighting pieces meant to make a statement in outdoor spaces. Today, Artkalia offers a line of decorative LED fixtures that are perfect as illuminated accents for the outdoor dining table, next to the pool or as a lawn decoration.

Artkalia Ela LED Floor Lamp
The Ela LED Floor Lamp from Artkalia takes its shape from that of a classic floor lamp, but it is designed to have a big presence outside. This shock-resistant and water-resistant lamp is over five feet tall and offers colorful lighting from its two integrated LEDs.

Artkalia Ballia LED Ball
Add some fun to your backyard with the Ballia LED Ball by Artkalia. This rechargeable, shockproof and waterproof ball of LED light is great for the pool or as a centerpiece on the table. It offers a variety of RGB colors and effects to add a playful touch to your outdoor decor.

Artkalia Tripoddia Stool
A light fixture or an accent table? The Tripoddia LED Stool by Artkalia can act as a stool for your outdoor lounge chair or as a side table to hold your whatever you might be sipping on. This intriguing LED stool is rechargeable, cordless, shockproof and waterproof.

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Outdoor Lighting Options from Smart & Green

Following a similar design style as Artkalia and also founded in 2008, Smart & Green offers a line of interesting fixtures that are energy efficient and can go anywhere. Smart & Green’s innovative technology allows for the design of fixtures that are durable, shockproof, waterproof and easily rechargeable.

Smart & Green Dew Lamp
The Smart & Green Dew Lamp is a drop of energy efficient LED light that complements both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its 35 LEDs, the Dew Lamp can colorfully light up dim spaces or act as a decorative accessory for the pool.

Smart & Green Cube LED Lamp
The cubic structure of this Smart & Green lamp is the perfect accenting touch for contemporary outdoor areas. On its own, the Smart & Green Cube LED Lamp provides ample and colorful lighting for the patio table or next to the pool. Alternatively, you can scatter multiple cube lamps to create a really impressive outdoor lighting display.

Smart & Green Tower LED Lamp
The Smart & Green Tower LED Lamp is comprised of 12 energy efficient LEDs inside of a waterproof and durable polyethylene structure. It stands at 25″ tall and offers colorful, bright light for the deck or patio. While we love it for outdoor use, it can also make a statement indoors.

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