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Trouble Lights Part 2: It Takes (Varaluz) Clout

Designed by Ron Henderson of Varaluz, the new Clout Mini Pendants are two more modern lighting pieces inspired by that most utilitarian of light fixtures: the trouble light. The trouble light (or cage light, work light, utility light or shop light) has had a long and illustrious career. Read more about it here.

Clout Mini Pendant - Clubs

The trouble light came into Henderson’s life in the 1960s, illuminating the undercarriage of the ’68 Camaro he worked on with his dad. More than forty years later, his fond memories of those times were combined with others of playing cards and chess. Such memories eventually evolved into designs for new and unquestionably fashionable cage lights.

Trouble lights are designed to withstand clouts (or blows). And getting a lighting design produced certainly takes some clout. Hence, with double meaning, we introduce the Clout Mini Pendants.

Clout Mini Pendant - Hookah

Varaluz is well-known for using recycled materials in every light fixture they produce, and these new pendants are no exception. The first of them, the Clout Mini Pendant – Clubs, has a recycled steel cage that is both curved and sharp, its form inspired by both of the suits of spades and clubs found in a deck of cards.

The design of the Clout Mini Pendant – Hookah was influenced by pawns in a chess game. The resulting form–also made out of recycled steel–is evocative of such game pieces, as well as of the exotic Indian waterpipe for which it’s named.

The blend of industrial strength and ingenuity with fanciful forms and soft, iridescent finishes create decidedly unique modern looks, as well as gorgeous plays of light.

Both pendants are available exclusively for a limited time through

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