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Trapeze LED Table Lamp by Light & Contrast

Trapeze LED Table Lamp  by Light & Contrast

One of the latest pieces from designer Peter Stathis (the mind behind Pablo’s Tube Top Lamp and Humanscale’s Horizon Task Light) is the Trapeze LED Table Lamp from Light & Contrast. This LED desk lamp is infinitely and smoothly adjustable. Its bulbous handles and axis points make it happily animated and sculptural.  The ultra-thin head houses 102 LEDs around the edge that shine inward over the diffuser (making it so you aren’t blinded if you look directly at the light source) giving it a bright, yet warm light and giving it an average lifespan of 40,000 hours. We also love the standard options in Charcoal and White, plus a punchy Blue and bright Orange. What do you think?

Trapeze LED Task Lamp by Light & Contrast

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