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Top Three Favorite Floor Fans

We had a great time celebrating National Ceiling Fan Day yesterday, thanks to our friends at Fanimation. While we love our ceiling fans, we don’t want to forget about other types of fans like desk fans, wall fans and especially floor fans.

Floor fans seem to carry a bad reputation of simply being cheap plastic devices lingering in the corner of a room. As it turns out, there are many modern floor fans that can add quite a bit of style to any room, while still performing their primary function. Here are our top three favorite floor fans that will help you cool off in style.

Old Havana Floor Fan by Fanimation

$729.75 + Free Shipping!

Old Havana Floor Fan by Fanimation

From its humble beginning in a Pasadena garage in the 80s, Fanimation Fans has grown substantially over the years as people have begun to see the beauty of a fan that actually contributes to a room’s style instead of detracting from it. Of the selection, the Old Havana Floor Fan stands out in particular, giving an old world element to any room.

The Old Havana Floor Fan has an overall height of 48 inches and a width of 19 inches, so it has a fair amount of cooling power to blow some breeze into your indoor or outdoor space. The motor and base are die cast construction to ensure durability and the motor may be swiveled up or down.

In addition to the technical elements, the fan’s aesthetic design is highly detailed, with a black pedestal base finish, a carved post column with a contrasting brown mahogany finish, and an antique copper finish on the grill, the motor, and the logo.

Max Fan/Heater by Stadler Form

$129.08 + Free Shipping!

Max Fan by Stadler Form

For the decorator who prefers the bright colors of Sherman Williams to the Victorian style of Sherlock Holmes, the colorful Max Fans by Matti Walker for Stadler Form give a punch of personality to any space. Available in bright red, white, or yellow designs, this multifunctional piece of furniture will control the temperature of your room without taking control of the room’s style as well.

The pop of color provided by the Max Fan is a great way to turn climate control into a piece of art, disguising functionality with funky style. Whether you’re heating a room in the dead of winter or cooling down from a hot summer day, this Matti Walker design has you covered.

The fan has a metal body with three black blades and three options for adjusting the fan speed. When you’re using the heating functionality, it has two different settings at either 750 or 1500 watts. In addition to the fan’s disguised appearance, it also runs ultra-quietly so you’ll never need to shout over a loud whirring noise.

Otto Fan by Stadler Form

$199.99 + Free Shipping!

Otto Floor Fan by Stadler Form

For another huge jump in style, the Otto Fan by Carlo Borer for Stadler Form seems to take its style cues from mid-century modern aesthetics. The round fan has an industrial style and pairs high grade black steel with richly textured African Saeple wood and Bamboo.

The fan sits on the floor but the feet have adjustable heights for changes in the direction of air circulation. The air flow has three speed settings to ensure maximum comfort. Martin Stadler of Stadler Form is a bit of a hero when it comes to attractive floor fans, as his philosophy is all about coalescing style and function. Just like his other Max Fan, the Otto Fan runs as quietly as a mouse and adds positive decorative interest to a room.

So there you have it! Three floor fans that are attractive and modern in style, proving that floor fans don’t have to be a device in the corner of the room you would rather ignore.

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