Time for a New Modern Tea Kettle

I am a tea drinker. I love everything from Earl Gray to Mango, Chamomile to Chai, and I pick my teacup to match my mood. As the weather grows chillier, there’s nothing better to me than curling up on the couch with a piping hot cup of tea and re-watching some of my all-time favorite chick flicks. Little Women currently tops the list.

Unfortunately the whistle on my trusty teapot recently went kaput. The comforting low tone is gone, and I’m now bound to remain nearby, which usually means I’m stuck at the sink washing dishes…ech…or if I dare doing a task in another part of the house, I have to periodically check in to see if there is a steady stream of steam coming from the kettle and never quite finish the other task. I’m too busy hopping back and forth between kitchen and bedroom to kitchen and back again to catch the water before it steams itself out and starts a horrible fire.

Thus, I am on a quest for a new modern teapot. I’ve narrowed it down to my two top dream kettles, but I’m open to considering others:

Kettle with Bird Whistle by AlessiKettle with Bird Whistle by Alessi: $175

Designed by Michael Graves, this sweet tweet features a cheerful sparrow in flight and has a wider base that allows water to boil faster. One reviewer says it “sounds like the whistle of a guy who was just at the dentist,” which is nice in that it doesn’t scream at you. And apparently it’s a good idea to wait for the steam to stop before attempting to take the bird from the kettle so there’s less risk of getting burned. The whistle is replaceable in case of mishap (yay!), and it is also available as a very English plug-in electric option. A fun fact: one reviewer said they saw the Alessi Kettle with Bird Whistle in the movie Crocodile Dundee. Let us know if you can confirm that!

Sapper Kettle with Melodic Whistle by Alessi

Sapper Kettle with Melodic Whistle by Alessi: $300

Designed by Richard Sapper in 1983, the Sapper Kettle is by far my personal favorite. This baby reminds me of a busty soprano preparing for her first aria. Its brass harmonic whistle sounds a handsome E, B, E chord and the whistle smoothly flips up when wanting to pour out the water. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s well-designed and gorgeous to both see and hear (hopefully I can convince my opera-loving husband of that). Encore!

Any other great tea kettles, send them my way!

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  • I’m not usually much of a tea drinker myself. But these kettles seem like so much fun to use that they actually make me wanna drink more tea. (Sorry, coffee.)

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