This just in: Houdini Pendants by Corbett

Houdini Pendant by Corbett

How did they…? This new introduction from Corbett Lighting brings a touch of magic to a space. Featuring a mini chandelier suspended in “mid-air” with a single, double or triple shade, the Houdini Pendants by Corbett Lighting are truly an escape from the ordinary. The Houdini pendants house two contrasting crystal chandeliers inside and open frame, each secured at an offset angle so they appear to be tumbling down from the ceiling.

Marrying traditional elements like mini ornate chandeliers and a silver leaf finish with the clean lines of the frame, the Houdini pendants are a unique blend of styles. Available as a single, double or triple pendant, the pendant is suspended by discreet aircraft cable, adding to the illusion that the boxes are floating all on their own. Check out the entire Houdini Pendant collection at



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