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The Tech-Savvy Home: Little Luxuries That Make a Big Difference

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

As much as we would love to have Tony Stark’s elaborate (albeit fictional) smart home, it might be a while before that level of interactive technology is commonplace. Lucky for us, there are modern luxuries today that we can use to start to create our own more realistic high-tech homes: discreet wall outlets, stylish wifi accessories and intuitive light controls that are perfect for the early-adapter, the minimalist and the everyday connoisseur of design.

Beautifully designed, these finds make a hard case to splurge and upgrade your home to its full, tech-savvy potential.

Modern Switches, Dimmers and Wallplates

Legrande Adorne switches and wallplates. Image via

The wall outlet is something you hardly think about. But seeing these modern switches, dimmers and undercabinet lighting options makes us instantly want an upgrade. Offering sleek, pop-out mechanisms, multi-functional switches and portable device-friendly options, the Legrand Adorne collection is the solution every modern, tech-savvy home should implement.

Smart Controls

Image via

Out to take the place your smartphone, Brilliant Tech has taken wall light controls to a whole new level with this fully integrated light switch. The brilliant thing about is that it communicates with other smart systems–climate control, music, lighting–taking a holistic approach to improving your home’s design and functionality.

Wireless WiFi Amplifiers

Image via

When I first discovered these, I thought they were snappy hardware alternatives for kitchen cabinets. These little wireless pods from Plume Wifi are in fact an elegant solution to wifi losing its strength as you (and your electronic devices) move around the house. Simply plug them in every room, upstairs or downstairs, to keep consistent wifi strength. Even better, they are small, modern and keep your house looking well-designed—without all the tangled wires.

Seamless Ports & Outlets

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I never knew a wall outlet could be so adorable. The Bocci 22 Series proves that functional items can adapt to their environment for purely aesthetic reasons. The beauty is that the 22 Series outlets have a stealth-like ability to blend into their surroundings so as not to distract, clutter or be superfluous in any way—a true mark of great design!

Automated Window Shades

Image via

Now that we have gone through our list of tech gadgets of the future, it’s time to draw the blinds and relax—only now, you don’t have to do it manually. Even window shades are automated these days, like these remote-controlled shades, which can be synced with your smartphone. Simply connect and draw the blinds with a simple touch of your screen.

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Sarah C

Sarah C

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