The Smoke Collection by Moooi

Generally speaking, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to set your furniture on fire. However, in the case of the line of modern contemporary furniture called ‘Smoke’, a little fire goes a long way. The charred pieces are a fabulously dark addition to any contemporary home in need of a conversational piece. The line is from design company, Moooi, founded by Marcel Wanders in 2001. The brand prides itself on creating ultra-unique pieces for discerning aesthetes, featuring works from designers like Ross Lovegrove and Erwin Olaf. The Smoke designs in particular are by the Dutch designer, Maarten Baas.

Since their release, the furniture in the Smoke collection has won Baas numerous honors and awards, among them nominations for the René Smeets Award and the Melkweg Award. After Moooi adopted the collection, well known designers like Phillippe Starck began to buy pieces.

The furniture has been featured in museum exhibitions around the world like the Victoria & Albert in London and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. As their reputation spreads worldwide, Smoke furniture has grown in demand. The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York even commissioned Baas to create pieces for each of its rooms.

The pieces are created by burning wood until it becomes charred black and then preserved by coating the burnt wood in a transparent layer of epoxy resin glaze to create the iconic look. Here at Lumens, we’re bringing our customers four of the incredible pieces from the Smoke line so you can fire up your home’s style with the uniquely modern contemporary furniture.

Smoke Chair by Moooi

$4,779.00 + Free Shipping!

Smoke Chair by Moooi

The Smoke Chair is a comfortable lounge piece which blends the intricately burned wooden frame with matching black leather upholstery. Because all of the pieces are burned individually, no two chairs are alike, giving owners a truly one of a kind piece. The seat, backrest and arm cushioning is made from fire retardant foam for comfortable seating. In terms of size, the Smoke Chair is 40.9 inches tall with a width of 29.5 inches and a depth of 31.5 inches.

Smoke Chandelier by Moooi

$1,266.00 + Free Shipping!

Smoke Chandelier by Moooi

Giving your room a bit of a gothic element, the Smoke Chandelier is a perfect way to totally alter the appearance of a room with just a single piece. The chandelier has a smoked black ceiling canopy and a black cord to complete the look. It has three elegant limbs and a forth that is burned short, making it look as if it could have been extracted from a crumbling manor in an Edgar Allen Poe story. Place it in a contemporary setting and you’ve got a knockout chandelier and all around stunning accent for the room. As for sizing, the fixture has a height of 21.7 inches, a diameter of 25.6 inches, and the cord hangs 14.8 inches.

Smoke Dining Armchair by Moooi

$2,635.00 + Free Shipping!

Smoke Dining Armchair by Moooi

If you want to spice up a dining room with something unusual, the Smoke Dining Armchairs will definitely give your guests something to remember. Even if you end up burning dinner, your burned chairs will take the spotlight. The elegant chairs adhere to the same look of regal remains as the rest of the collection. The black leather upholstery provides a comfortable seat for you and your guests while the charred off top of the frame is a fun element. The chair is slightly taller than the lounge chair at 41.7 inches tall, but narrower at 23.6 inches wide, and has a depth of 24.8 inches.

Smoke Dining Chair by Moooi

$1,900.00 + Free Shipping!

Smoke Dining Chair by Moooi

For the last item in the Smoke collection, the Smoke Dining Chair follows the same burning process as the other pieces but its relatively simpler frame makes it easy to integrate into a room. Gathering a collection to put around the dining table or using one as a desk chair is a fun way to inject some style into your space. The dining chair is 41.7 inches tall, 18.9 inches wide, and 22.4 inches deep.

You can see some of what the burning process is like by watching this video.

As far as modern furniture is concerned, Maarten Baas is ahead of the curve with the fantastic pieces from the Smoke collection for Moooi.

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