The Raw Collection by Michael McHale

We recently had the chance to catch up with former New York entertainment attorney Michael McHale to discuss his industrial approach to lighting design. Michael McHale started designing lighting by complete accident, but quickly picked up the key points of contemporary design and now offers a unique selection of products that combine industrial elements like galvanized plumbing pipe with luxury-exuding European crystal. The result is an awe-inspiring collection of lighting that can best be described as industrial-chic.

Following this same design aesthetic, Michael McHale Designs introduced a chandelier and a linear bar fixture that are both unapologetic in their straightforward industrial design. Appropriately named the Raw collection, these fixtures are made with steel pipes and a symmetric grid of steel cabling with points of light protruding from all angles. One of the best features of the new collection is that every Raw Chandelier or Raw Linear Bar can take on a different personality depending on the type of bulb you choose to use. Both fixtures display a lot of character and can fit a variety of commercial or residential applications.

Read the full Michael McHale interview and take a look at the photos of the new Raw lights below.

Michale Mchale Lighting

Michael McHale Chandelier

Michael McHale Raw Chandelier

Michael McHale Raw Linear Bar

Raw Linear Bar Light

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