Ways to Channel Palm Beach Style

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You don’t have to melt in the summer sun to appreciate that one-of-a-kind Palm Beach style. There’s so much more to it—an energy if you will—that you can enjoy whether your home is overlooking the ocean or the Appalachian mountain range.

But what is Palm Beach style, exactly? And how can you bring it into your home? Here are a few ways to channel this upscale, joyful look.

Color and Pattern

Palm Beach style is bright, colorful, boldly patterned and conspicuously themed, creating a laid-back feel that is synonymous with beachside living. It also suggests luxury and fine living, like you’re spending time at an exclusive tropical resort (which certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing).

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This room exudes Palm Beach style, with furniture decorated in tropical shades of yellow, orange, pink and green, and complemented by a groovy, multi-colored rug. For that extra-authentic touch, a pair of palm are used as a centerpiece for both the coffee table and the entire space. The chevron pattern of the accent pillows offers a subtle geometric element. (Other options like Greek key and link patterns are commonly seen additions to this retro style.)

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Palm leaves are certainly an onging motif in Palm Beach style. So, too, is the cool blue incorporation of chinoiserie-inspired mirrors, pottery and other accessories, which help to add yet another luxurious, exotic layer.

Seaside Trinkets

Adding nautical themed decorations to your home decor is another great way to go. Their appearance alone intuitively reminds us of the iconic shapes and images of the sea. You can take a reserved approach:

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…which includes a sparse assortment of brightly colored starfish and a rustic shell centerpiece. Or, you can take a much more dramatic approach:

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…where there are so many sea creatures lining the walls, you’d think the room recently washed up from the ocean. But honestly, that’s the beauty of Palm Beach style: you can never go too far. The ocean is a big place, after all. And, the same could be said of your living space.

Mid-Century Modern Glam

It’s no secret that mid-century modern design and Palm Beach style work swimmingly together. There’s nothing quite like an eccentric antique brass fixture shimmering in the light of an open window. It’s glorious and emotional. It’s history. Just ask famed designer Jonathan Adler, who has helped reinvigorate the casual luxury of tropical style when designing new guest rooms for the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

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Adler says, “When I was working on the design, I really wanted to capture the spirit of Palm Beach. When I think about what Palm Beach is, I wanted there to be a sense of history, you know? The rooms and the spirit of the hotel reference the history of Palm Beach. They reference that cabana-y luxury.”

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa suite, designed by Jonathan Adler. Image via

In keeping with classic Palm Beach style–but with a modern twist–Adler was compelled to incorporate retro-inspired furnishings in a range of tones that are rich yet vibrant enough to give the spaces that distinctive Palm Beach energy. Lush fabrics, geometric patterns and the metallic flash of accent furniture and lighting (like the Parker Half Round Wall Sconce, the Sputnik Pendant and various furniture pieces) add bling and glamour to the overall look.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa suite, designed by Jonathan Adler. Image via

Now, if you still happen to think that Palm Beach style is just a matter of living near the ocean or smothering your walls and furniture with an insane amount of palm branches, I encourage you to reread this article.

You see, it is so much more than cliché aesthetics. It’s a feeling…an attitude. It’s a tradition that dates back to the 1950s and perhaps even further still. A decorative tour-de-force that brightens the heart and warms the soul, whether you’re sweating in a beachfront loft or shivering on a lonely Appalachian mountaintop.

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