The Crane Light: Industry Meets Artistry

What do you get when you combine LEGOs, one of the world’s tallest crawler cranes and an icon of mid century modern lighting design?


LEGO Technic crane kit, Sany Group's SCC9000 crawler crane, Arco Floor Lamp


You get an absolutely original, industrial-looking piece of modern lighting. Created by British designer Charlie Davidson, the Crane Light was inspired by these three seemingly divergent things. Years ago, Davidson worked as a freelance designer for the LEGO Corporation, where a miniature crane on display caught his attention and impressed him with its detail. He did nothing with it though, until he came across the Arco Floor Lamp by Flos, originally designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962. Wondering how he might update the classic design, Davidson remembered that crane.


The crane form (designed and constructed at a precise German scale of 1:50) has proven a truly unique way to update the Arco. It comes complete with a highly detailed metal boom structure together with an electromagnet and glass tube light source dangling from the top. Next month, Davidson is planning on presenting the Crane Light in Milan. But to read more about it now, check out the blog at MoCo Loco.

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