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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas- Day 7

Well, we’re now more than halfway through this year’s list of the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas. Take a look at Day 1 if you’re curious about how I chose all these great lamps.

And now, lucky lamp #7:

7. May Day Utility Light by Flos

For those modern lighting lovers who also appreciate a little grease under the fingernails and a good hard day’s work, the May Day Utility Light is the perfect fixture–and gift–for them. Inspired by the portable hanging utility lights often used in garages, May Day was designed by Konstantin Grcic to bring such a sense of blue collar scrappiness to sophisticated modern lighting design.

The versatility of May Day is quite impressive. You can set it down and use it as a table lamp, or you can also hang it on the wall or overhead as a pendant light. Its  orange or black hook functions as a hanger, handle and cord winder.

May Day is made entirely out of durable polypropylene. So, whether using it in the garage or your living room, it can stand a bit of abuse. But with one look, you know you could never hurt May Day.

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