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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas: Day 6

2010 December 8

 LivingColors Mini Table Lamp by Philips

6. LivingColors Mini Table Lamp by Philips

A LivingColors Mini Table Lamp a day will keep the doctor away. OK, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but this lamp is roughly the size and shape of a large apple and has taken the psychology of color and run away with it.

Feeling blue? Green with envy? The LivingColors Mini Table Lamp is guaranteed to complement and improve any mood, room or occasion with any of its more than 250 lighting effects.

Apart from its widely variable lighting effect, the coolest thing about this lamp is the technology that allows for it. It features three LEDs–one red, one green, one red–that control the color output. The exact color can be controlled via the touch wheel by the switch or can be programmed to change automatically. How and where the light is directed also controls the color intensity and brightness.

Basically, this petite lamp offers a personalized lighting experience that will make even that hardest to shop for individual tinkled pink.

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