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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas: Day 4

2010 December 6

Type 75 Task Lamp by Anglepoise4. Type 75 Task Lamp by Anglepoise

I know. In most cases, a lamp designed to get work done isn’t that thrilling a gift. But then most task lamps don’t have the cheerful personality of the Type 75 Task Lamp.

I like this lamp because he (yes, it’s a he) greatly resembles the happy, bouncy logo for a certain uber-famous computer animation company. Can I say Pix–? Well, you know who I mean.

This is Anglepoise’s top-selling model in a long-line of adjustable lamps. A 2004 redesign by Kenneth Grange of the original ’70s lamp, the Type 75 features the Anglepoise signature 3-spring balance mechanism, extendable arm and, of course, that expressive head, which turns as needed for perfectly placed task lighting.

This is the lamp for the hard worker–or hard reader–in your life who could use some flexibility and light-hearted design to make getting their work done much less of a chore.

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