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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas: Day 3

2010 December 3

OXO Candela Glow Rechargeable Lights

3. Candela by OXO

Okay, so maybe I’m cheating here a bit. (I told you that narrowing these down was really hard!) This isn’t just one lamp, but an entire series of rechargeable LED light sets.

Nothing gets more portable than these guys. The OXO Candela Glow, Candela DemiGlow and Candela Tooli sets are variously available in sets of two, four and eight. After they get charged up on their charging base, they can go anywhere and provide bright illumination for up to eight hours. These make great portable nightlights and are also a viable, cost-effective and, best of all, safe alternative to candlelight.

All of the Candela Glow rechargeable fixtures are cool. But I do have a definite soft spot for the Candela Tooli Sets, with their bright pairings of color and soft, friendly-alien shape.

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