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The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas: Day 10

2010 December 14

Pyton Table Lamp by Eglo10.Pyton Table Lamp by Eglo

I am a girl who loves her bling. If it sparkles, shimmers, glimmers or glitters, I love it. Unfortunately, a lot of the sparkly things I like–from jewelry to crystal chandeliers–tend to be a bit too grand for either my apartment or my pocketbook, and usually both. Not so with the Pyton Table Lamp by Eglo.

Pyton adds a lot of twinkle without breaking the bank. (Both the one-light and two-light versions come in under the $200 limit.) It also does so without a lot of clutter; all of the lines are clean. The shade is a square composed of numerous strands of crystals strung around the square cap. The chrome finish on the simple base adds to the overall gloss and glamour of the piece.

For a relatively small fixture (and price), the Pyton Table Lamp packs a pretty big punch. So, for anyone on your list who likes sparkle as much as I do (is that possible?), the Pyton makes the perfect gift of glitter.

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