The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 9

Happy Monday! Now that we’re on day 9 of the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas, you may want to refresh your memory on just what it means for a lamp to be “giftable.” You can take a quick look at the criteria right here.

And then on to lamp #9:

9. Joy Table Lamp by Design House Stockholm

The Joy Table Lamp by Design House Stockholm

The Joy Table Lamp by Design House Stockholm

Cold enough for ya? Where I am, we’ve been breaking records for the cold left and right. As such, I was inspired to find a lamp that could beat some of the winter chill with the warmth of candlelight.

The Design House Stockholm Joy Table Lamp could probably be more accurately termed an electrified candelabra, a unique sculpture more than a super-bright light source. That being said, it does provide lovely warm, flickering ambiance as a tabletop centerpiece. Made out of white-lacquered steel, it features seven “candles” that are leaning against each other, appearing to stop just short of falling over. Each taper uses a specialty flame-tip bulb to complete the realistic look. (Extras come in the box.)

This modern candelabra makes the ideal gift for the person who loves to entertain, and is sure to make a great conversation piece at their next dinner party.

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