The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 7

Hope you’re having a great Saturday morning. Maybe you’re still in your jammies, leisurely sipping a cup of coffee as you read up on our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas. Today is day 7 of the list. So if you haven’t had a chance before now to check this out, I recommend starting on day 1.

Then if you feel like browsing through the rest of our giftable lamps, feel free. After all, it’s Saturday; we’re in no rush.

7. Ledino Table Lamp No. 66702 by Philips

The Ledino Table Lamp No. 66702 by Philips

The Ledino Table Lamp No. 66702 by Philips

The Philips Ledino Table Lamp No. 66702 has a minimalist design ideal for those with contemporary workspaces or reading areas. Made out of lightweight aluminum in a versatile black finish, it is also slender, elegant and effortless to use.

It features a unique paddle-shaped head that houses a bright, energy efficient 7.5 watt LED. It puts out up to 350 lumens of warm white light, controlled by a touch dimmer on the base. And the dome-shaped ribbing on the top of the head is also more than just an interesting decorative detail; it’s the LED’s heat sink, ensuring a long 50,000-hour life for the light source.

A pivoting joint allows you to move the head up and down and rotate it around the stem for perfectly precise light placement. It’s enough to make you wish Christmas was over so you could get back to work. (Well, almost.)



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