The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013 – Day 5

Hey there! So we’ve made it to Day 5 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas, our list of twelve of the most giftable lamps out there, perfect for Christmas or anytime. Not sure what “giftable” means? It’s all outlined for you on Day 1.

There’s no doubt that lamp #5 meets all the giftable criteria with great aplomb. It’s a cute little thing that kids might just mistake for their new toy:

5. Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

The Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

The Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

When it comes to the toys I loved as a kid, LEGOs are at the top of the list. So imagine my reaction when I saw a task light that looks just like those colorful building blocks. The whole collection is glossy, cheerful and toy-like, but it’s the LUXIT Top Four Mini LED Lamp that has the proportions most evocative of LEGOs. So it was my immediate favorite of the bunch.

Its three segments make it easy to adjust the direction of light coming from the four LEDs on the top segment. It’s absolutely acrobatic, able to hold any number of positions with minimal effort on your part.

Its compact size makes this lamp even more charming…and useful. It definitely does not take up a lot of space; hunched over it stands less then 5 inches tall and 4 inches deep. You can bring it in tight for illuminating a keyboard or paperwork or keep it off to the side for more general illumination of a desktop. And you have to admit that it just looks adorable doing it. All-in-all, Top Four is the perfect task lamp for that special someone who plays as hard as they work.

Top Four Mini LED Lamp by LUXIT

(This lamp is probably my favorite for 2013, which I usually save for the finale of the 12 Lamps list. But in this case, I thought I’d sneak it in a bit early since its currently giftable price is supposed to go away mid-month. But don’t worry; my second favorite is also pretty darn cool.)

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