The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2013- Day 11

So today is December 11, which means there are exactly two weeks until Christmas morning. If you haven’t found all the gifts you need quite yet, there’s no need to panic. The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas and I are here for you, highlighting some of the latest modern lamps that are perfect for gifting. If you wanna look over the 10 lamps we’ve highlighted throughout the beginning of December, I recommend you start from the beginning.

Then come on back to check out one mouth-watering desk lamp:

11. Gravy LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

The Gravy LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

The Gravy LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

Like gravy does with mashed potatoes, Gravy just makes a modern office space better. (Well, it probably won’t actually taste as good, but it’ll sure look quite a bit cooler.) The Koncept Gravy LED Desk Lamp is an award-winning design that uses specialty Edge Lit technology in its disc-shaped head to provide a soft, evenly distributed wash of warm light on a workspace. The unique control is a touch dimmer located on the center of the underside of the head’s light ring.

The shape of the head is duplicated in the base. The base is topped with warm wood to match the head’s arm. And the natural wood offsets the slick coordinating metal finish. Such is the lovely aesthetic balance of the piece (which could be punctuated by a bright pop of color via the power cord depending on the color combo you choose).

But Gravy is also balanced functionally, as the arm slides back and forth through the notched aluminum stem. The head also rotates 360-degrees for the perfect placement of light. The unique style and convenience of the Gravy Desk Lamp makes it a truly delicious gift.

Gravy LED Desk Lamp

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