The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012- Day 9

Hope you’re having a marvelous, relaxing Sunday. Meanwhile, I continue to work away on the Lumens 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas list to make it as easy as possible for you to find the ideal lighting gifts. If you have no idea what it’s all about or just need to refresh your memory, you can find all the specifics behind this year’s list here.

Then come on back to read more about the wonders of our #9 modern lamp:


#9- Swyvel LED Desk Lamp by Bulbrite

Another cool lamp to amp up your workspace…oh right, and to give as a gift, too, if you can bear to part with it. The Swyvel LED Desk Lamp by Bulbrite swivels (of course), turns and rotates in all directions with three separate points of adjustability. First, the lengthy head swings out from the stem to tilt up and down, leaving behind a cool cutout. Second, the stem pivots back and forth. And third, at that same pivot point, the stem rotates back and forth on the base.

Coming from a manufacturer that is best known for its high quality light bulbs, you’d expect Swyvel to have an exceptional light source. And so it does. At the end of the head, an energy efficient 8 watt array of LEDs creates bright, focused task light. Just how bright is easily controlled via a 5-step touch dimmer on the base.

And in case all of that isn’t enough, Swyvel also has a built-in USB port on the back of its base to charge any variety of mobile devices.

With all of its lighting capabilities, smooth adjustability and distinctive modern style (not to mention the USB charger), the Swyvel LED Desk lamp is the perfect gift for the modern multi-tasker on your list.

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