The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012- Day 6

Well, we’re now officially halfway through this year’s 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas. If you haven’t been able to start at the beginning, and aren’t sure how the whole thing works, never fear. Get all caught up with background and the criteria for what makes a lamp the most “giftable” by looking at the intro on Day 1.

And then let’s move on to Day 6’s modern lamp:


#6- Lumi – Mochi Mini Table Lamp by Fabbian

I think I must just have a thing for short, stubby lamps.

There’s something soft and cuddly about the Lumi – Mochi Mini Table Lamp that makes me want to pick it and snuggle with it. This petite rounded lamp deviates from a perfect sphere with a slightly flattened form, similar to that of the Glo-Ball Mini T Table Lamp by Flos (part of last year’s 12 Modern Lamps list; Day 4). The flattened effect is somewhat more pronounced with the Lumi – Mochi, however, and that’s what gives it its particularly pronounced sense of charm and sweetness.

In fact, Lumi – Mochi quite lives up to its name by resembling actual mochi, a smooth, sweet and subtly powdery Japanese rice cake. But instead of pounded rice, this soft, sugary sphere is made out of carefully blown and satinized white glass with a discrete white base.

Both available sizes are indeed “mini.” The small Lumi – Mochi measures less than 5″ around, while the large is under 8″. Either one will make a truly delicious gift…and is much less fattening than candy or Japanese pastries.

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