The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012- Day 5

So here we are on Day 5 of the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and there are plenty more great modern lamps to go. For a rundown on how we’ve gone about choosing this list of the best giftable lamps, take a look at Day 1.

Then be sure to come on back, ’cause you don’t want to miss our 5th lamp, which is…


#5-Rook Table Lamp by Blu Dot

For those friends of yours who like their lamps a little on the thick side, the Rook Table Lamp by Blu Dot truly makes the perfect gift. As the designers put it,  “This little light of ours is, unapologetically, a bit chunky and we think it’s pretty hot.”







Hot stuff, indeed. The base is a solid tripod of warm, natural walnut. The unique geometric form of its legs keeps Rook stable whether it’s sitting upright or—when it’s feeling a bit kooky—tilted. It’s finished off with a crisp Off White linen shade and grey cord, making Rook ideal in just about any modern color scheme.

With a lamp called the Rook, it’s hard to avoid chess cliches. So I won’t. This happy modern lamp will be a definite gifting checkmate. So don’t wait too long to make your move.

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