The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012- Day 3

Happy Monday! And welcome to day 3 of our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas.

If you need a little more information about the process for choosing our list of giftable lamps, and to catch up on the lamps already featured, start here. When you feel sufficiently prepared, come on back to read more about today’s chosen lamp.

It’ll be more than worth your while as, for the 3rd day of the 3rd annual Modern Lamps list, we have 3 fixtures:


#3: Kidsplace Giraffe Pendant, Monkey Pendant and Zebra Pendant by Philips

I can hear it already. Pendants? How do pendants qualify as giftable lamps? Before you get too upset, let me tell you. These Kidsplace Pendants ARE portable. Instead of having to be hardwired, they can be hung anywhere and moved anywhere easily with an included cord and wall plug.

So now that that’s settled, aren’t you glad these made the list? These too-cute animal pendants by Philips make the perfect gift for children and children at heart.

Each Giraffe Pendant, Monkey Pendant and Zebra Pendant is actually only a socket, decorated with the top part of the animal’s head (and a rather jaunty bowler hat). Instead of a regular “nose,” there’s a round, softly glowing (and energy efficient) fluorescent bulb.

Just one makes a wonderful gift for the animal lover on your list, or get them all for a complete lighting menagerie.

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