The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2012- Day 2

On this quiet, cold and rainy (at least where I am) Sunday, what could be better than putting on your fuzzy slippers, sipping a hot cup of coffee and browsing online for the best modern lighting gifts? I’m here to help, at least with that last part, with the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas.

Today is day 2. To see the 1st lamp and read up on what qualifies a lamp as being the most giftable, click here. Then come back to read more about today’s modern lamp:

#2: Mini Cord Lamp by Design House Stockholm

The perfect gift for anyone tired of trying to hide lamp cords. With the Mini Cord Lamp, the cord and the lamp are one and the same thing.

The entire base of the fixture is composed of a black and white fabric-covered cord, which is flexible where it plugs into the wall and held rigid in its upward curve by a length of steel. This steel is strong enough to hold up and proudly display an exposed oversized bulb.

Such deceptively simple design is the trademark of the Swedish design firm, Form Us With Love, and it is what makes the Mini Cord Lamp such a conversation piece. (We featured another Form Us With Love fixture, the Work Lamp, in the 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas last year, coincidentally also on day 2.)

On top of its unique minimalist design, the Mini Cord Lamp comes pre-packaged in a stylish black gift box. When it comes to holiday gift-giving, what could be easier?

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