The 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2011- Day 3

Happy Saturday! Welcome once again to our 12 Modern Lamps of Christmas 2011. If you’re just joining us, be sure to click here to get caught up on the criteria I used to include lamps on this list.

Otherwise, please read on about lamp #3, which is…

3. Watt Table Lamp by Blu Dot

As a paragon of “good design,”  Blu Dot is best-known for their clean, well-engineered furniture. With the Watt Table Lamp and other light fixtures, they bring their tenet of “creating products that are useful, affordable, and desirable” to the realm of lighting.

In keeping with the rest of the Blu Dot line, Watt is a sturdy little dude, with a mighty cool architectural design.  It is made out of powder-coated stainless steel panels formed into a slightly flared pentagon that looks like it’s up on stilts. Watt is available right now in Black or White (and, as of this writing, is also expected to be available in Yellow again by February 2012), and is accented by a cloth-covered power cord.

At almost two feet tall, Watt is big enough to make a grand impression in modern spaces, yet is still small enough to make the ideal gift under the tree for a lover of lighting and geometric, contemporary design.

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