Take a Seat: 9 Chairs that Make a Room

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If there is an ubiquitous piece that every interior design must consider, it’s the chair. Lounge chair, dining chair, rocker or glider—if chosen wisely, a chair can both visually elevate a complete design while also inviting people to stay and enjoy the space in comfort.

Here are 10 spaces where a cool, modern chair steals the show:


CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen

In rustic spaces like this, you want pieces to stand out without seeming too loud or garish. In contrast to the overall soft grey and white palette, the deep black finish of the CH24 Wishbone Chairs really help them to pop. However, they remain authentic to the room with their woven paper cord seats.


Amoeba Highback Chair by Vitra

With its avant garde design and bright coloring, the Amoeba Highback Chair by Vitra initially begs the question, that’s a chair? Yes, it is, and a comfortable one at that. In this setting, the placement and high protective back of the chair offer a sitter a sense of privacy while enjoying the outdoor view.


Nerd Chairs by Muuto

This restaurant space featuring Muuto’s Nerd collection shows how effective it can be to use more than one color of the same design. In this case, the blend of green and birch is both playful and natural. And it can be quite fun to say that you’re sitting on a Nerd.


Ghost Chairs by Kartell

Where is the chair? The Ghost family of chairs by Kartell shakes things up with its classic form paired with transparent polycarbonate construction. In this library, the Victoria Ghost Chair adds an unexpected pop of playfulness in the otherwise traditional and dark wood-centric setting.


Nest Lounge Chair by Moooi

There’s a lot going on in this room, but the Nest Lounge Chair by Moooi (and matching Nest Sofa) still manages to stand out. This is due primarily to the unique butterfly upholstery fabric. Then, after the bright print draws your eye, the obviously overstuffed cushions beg you to sit down.


Armchair 41 by Artek

In the Nicolas G. Hayek Center in Tokyo, Japan, the Artek Armchair 41 (aka the “Paimio” Chair) carries through the space’s light color tones, simple modern architecture and focus on nature. As part of a waiting room, the chair also easily manages to straddle the line between professionalism and comfort.  (Image via)


Y-Chair by Tom Dixon

Even with all the bright copper in the space, the Y-Chair by Tom Dixon yet holds its own. It has a wickedly angular look highly complementary to the architectural copper pieces. With a solid black finish, it’s the chair’s very un-copper-ness that really helps it to stand out.


Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

No discussion of statement-making chairs would be complete without the Eames Lounge Chair. No matter what else is going on in a room, this lounge is always the center of attention with its distinctive, instantly recognizable look. It continues to be the epitome of modern luxury and design. (Image via)



The Iron Throne

Now, this is a chair that really makes a statement. What better way to convey power than to have a chair made out of swords? The scale and sharpness of this throne are apropos to the medieval setting. Unfortunately, this chair is not for sale; the only way you’re likely to get to sit in it is to kill a lot of people. But rest assured, this is the only example we found that may require political intrigue and bloodshed. (Image via)

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