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Steal This Style: Cool Contemporary Kitchen

Written by Nate

In lighting and design, the concept of “contemporary style” can sometimes pose as a vague, big-tent description. And, while some may consider it merely a passing expectation of homes and businesses built today, more astute aficionados hone in on the balance between form and function, and the potential openness that relationship provides. This detail-oriented perspective is exemplified in the following contemporary kitchen:

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Consider the linear suspension mounted over the kitchen island. This fixture is perhaps the most conspicuous representation of contemporary style, featuring modern design tropes (such as a flat body, seamless shade and polished metal trimming) and a pervasive functionality that, in addition to providing soft, even downlighting, acts as a shelf for bottles, glasses and various other knickknacks. This odd and somewhat humorous overuse is precisely what makes the fixture convenient as it allows the island to remain open and well-lit for more effective use.

While does not explicitly recommend you use any lighting fixture as a shelf, you can retain a comparable amount of functionality with the LINE Linear Suspension by dweLED. It too has a flat body, seamless shade and polished metal trimming, as well as edge-lit LED technology, which ensures a seamless light output ideal for kitchen-related activities.

The recessed and undercabinet lighting featured in this kitchen are less noticeable, but equally valid examples of contemporary style. They do not rely heavily on appearance (though the recessed lighting does have a low-profile body lined with sleek metal trimming), but rather on their resulting effect in order to establish an open, modern atmosphere. Most notable perhaps is the undercabinet lighting, which has been installed along the base of the kitchen island, the sink counter and adjacent stove wall. When lit, these fixtures paint the floor in a clean white light, illuminating the walkways while giving the overall space a polished, up-scale feel.

The LEDme Light Bar Undercabinet Collection and the 421 4” Trim, both by WAC Lighting, provide a similar effect with their function-first lighting and sleek, out-of-the-way appearance. As with the recessed lighting shown in the kitchen, the 421 4” Trim can be installed in a row (and various other orientations) over any counter or space in need of robust, low-profile lighting. The different available finishes are an added bonus, enabling you to find the right look for your space.

Depending on the shape and contours of your kitchen island and/or counters, the LEDme Light Bar Undercabinet Collection can provide effective accent lighting for your floors, creating that clean, open aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression. If, for whatever reason, there’s no floor-level space to put it, don’t worry. This fixture can revert to its primary purpose, which is to mount beneath your cabinets and shelves for non-cluttered lighting of functional surfaces.

Furniture also plays a role in determining the style of a given space. And so, it is worth mentioning the stools positioned alongside the kitchen island, whose thick cushioning and effective back supports look good enough to sleep in. Function aside, their design exudes contemporary style, showcasing a polished metal frame (and base), hard lines and geometric shaping that blends well with the surrounding décor. The Afro-Sg Stool by Domitalia shares the same presence, featuring a hydraulic height adjustable chrome steel frame (with convenient footrest), ergonomically sound cushioning and a like-minded geometric aesthetic that complements a contemporary kitchen space beautifully.

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