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St. Tropez by Artkalia

Lighting by Artkalia can be a real showpiece in an outdoor space like hotel pools, outdoor lounge spaces and restaurants. This collection combines modern design with LED technology into portable lights that also serve as furniture and accessory pieces. A stool that glows from within. Planters that frame a doorway with light and greenery. A floor lamp that doubles as a lit sculpture.

Artkalia’s St. Tropez collection is a new group of multi-functional products that are more than just lights: they are chairs, stools, and other furniture pieces. And they are a striking design that turns heads. Here are a few of our favorite new pieces:

Deauville LED Chair By Artkalia

Deauville LED Chair: This curvy piece features an RGB LED inside, changing colors and effects for up to 8 hours.


Ela L LED Floor Lamp: At more than 5 feet tall, Ela is a serious presence in a space, with 2 LEDs inside the base and shade.

Kubbia Moderna LED Cube By Artkalia

Kubbia Moderna LED Cube: A clean-edged square that supports up toe 240 lbs. as a stool, ottoman or side table.

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