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Spring for Modern Lighting: David Trubridge Design

The best way to evoke spring is with the bright, cheerful color and light, natural materials found throughout the entire collection of lighting fixtures by David Trubridge.

Coral Painted Pendant by David Trubridge Design

I’m so happy about spring’s arrival that I want to celebrate it, to bring it inside. To my mind, the best way to evoke spring–and do so with some modern style–is with bright, cheerful color and light, natural materials, things found throughout the entire collection of lighting fixtures by David Trubridge lighting.

Trubridge designs remind me of warmer temperatures, blue skies and gentle breezes. This is likely due to the tropical climate that influenced the designer. The great majority of David Trubridge designs are inspired by nature, and especially the sea, elements that are in perpetual abundance for New Zealanders like

Kina Pendant by David Trubridge Design

Trubridge. There’s the Trubridge classic Coral collection, a series of open spheres meant to evoke a complex, organic coral reef. Or there’s the Kina Pendant, a flattened sphere meant to replicate the shape and surface pattern of a sea urchin.

From this initial natural inspiration, all of Trubridge’s designs are meant to look woven and airy-looking. (One design, the Koura Pendant, is actually based directly on a fishing basket used to catch shrimp.)

Koura Stained Pendant by David Trubridge Design

Koura Stained Pendant by David Trubridge Design

They are made out of small, deceptively abstract components that are attached together into the final form with petite rivets. Original models are made out of natural bamboo components; larger models hold their form better with somewhat sturdier (but still light) elements of hoop pine or aluminum.

A constant source of pride for the designer, David Trubridge designs are created with an eye eternally on sustainability. Wood comes from sustainably managed plantations, with the least amount of materials used to maximum effect. In addition to the fixtures already mentioned, pieces like the Ika Pendants are made out of both natural bamboo and recyclable PETG plastic components.

Ika Check Pendant by David Trubridge Design

Ika Check Pendant by David Trubridge Design

Oil finishes used are organic and non-toxic. During production, any waste is consciously sorted and recycled. Whenever possible, Trubridge creations are then shipped flat–using what Trubridge calls the “seed system” of packaging–to cut back on shipping costs and packing materials. Besides being green, assembling the components of a Trubridge kitset can actually be a bunch of fun; like putting together a 3D puzzle.

David Trubridge designs go to show that you can be environmentally responsible without compromising on beauty or quality. (This brings up the issue of sustainability in lighting design in general, something I plan on exploring further this coming week in honor of upcoming Earth Day.) I can see no better way to celebrate spring and the beauty of nature.

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