Spotted: The Contemporary Lighting Found on the Set of Gossip Girl

I’ve hesitated on writing a post like this because, well, it requires me to admit that I, ahem, well…watch Gossip Girl. Even though I’m probably still in their demographic, it is still an adolescent drama centered around spoiled teen socialites in New York City. And I’m way smarter than that, right?

OK, so fine, I watch Gossip Girl. It’s kept my attention for 3 seasons already, so there’s no point in making excuses. But since these high-rolling teens are living a life of modern sophistication, it’s no surprise that the show is a great place to spot contemporary lighting. So when I feasted my eyes on these four beauties in last week’s episode, I knew it was time to bite the proverbial bullet and share. Judge if you will!

Tripode G5 by Santa & Cole

Tripode G5 Floor Lamp by Santa & Cole

I love the big shade on this floor lamp, and even though the colors and shape are simple and classic, it still manages to stand out. The picture’s not great, so you can’t quite see the way the legs sort of criss-cross over each other, but if you keep watching, I’m sure you’ll see it someday (wink!).

Mesmeri Wall Sconce by Artemide

Mesmeri Wall Sconce by Artemide

From straight on, these sconces by Artemide remind me of a very subtle smile. Designed by Eric Sole, the lamp itself is concealed in the interior upper curve, diffusing it beautifully over the structure of the fixture itself and creating a unique shadow on the wall.

Ventana Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler

Ventana Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler

I’ve seen this Jonathan Adler collection all over recently – perhaps because of its mid-century look at the height of the Mad Men era (plus mid-century lighting is one of the Washington Post’s home design trends for fall). It doesn’t look too bad next to Nate Archibald, either.

Beat Lights by Tom Dixon

Beat Lights by Tom Dixon

This cluster of Beat Light Pendants by Tom Dixon makes me swoon. These fixtures are spun and hand-beaten by Indian craftsmen to create the textured gold interior and contrasting black patina exterior. They’re available in a few different shapes and sizes (fat, tall, wide, stout), and no two are exactly alike.

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