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Spotted: Tolomeo and Anglepoise Lamps Co-Star in Skyfall

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It’s no surprise that the latest installment of Bond movies features only the finest in European tastes—all the way down to the lighting. We spotted a few of our favorites in Skyfall, starting with Tolomeo desk lamps by Artemide on each and every desk in the MI6 office. M got to sport her own version with the Tolomeo with Shade Table Lamp with a Parchment shade:


But then, MI6 gets blown up (Nooooo!), presumably taking all those beautiful Tolomeos with it. Don’t worry, that happens early in the flick, so isn’t really a spoiler alert. Here’s a low-quality visual:


Anyway, the agency has to relocate to more uh, rustic, digs, but that didn’t mean a downgrade in desk lighting—after that, all desktops were furnished with shiny Type 75 Task Lamps by Anglepoise:


Have you ever spotted one of your favorite lights in a film? Don’t let it just be us!

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