Space-age, all the rage: Varaluz’s new Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection by Varaluz

We’re excited to introduce a brand-new exclusive collection from Varaluz: The Capsule collection, a sputnik-inspired silhouette with curvy ’70s-esque shades that showcase the exposed bulbs inside. To create this latest  collection, its designer and company founder Ron Henderson took a little trip back in time to age three, to what he calls “space-age memories”:

“I was lucky to be just old enough to remember watching the takeoff and subsequent lunar landing,” he says. “I think I was three, but it has stayed with me.” The memory has endured well enough to inspire a pretty compelling new lighting collection. Elongated glass spheres shoot out in every direction, evoking a classic mid-century aesthetic. “The idea was a more atomic-era take on our Pinwheel cluster pendants,” says Henderson, “and it got a little carried away from there. Cocktails and requisite discussions of a highly personal and inappropriate nature may also have contributed.” (Editor’s note: Ha!)

Not one to be limited by the utter appropriateness of a three-year-old’s sense of awe at the moon landing, Henderson drew on some other inspiration as well for the collection (which includes three pendants, one ceiling/wall fixture and one wall sconce). Add some hallucinogens and health food and—BAM!—you have a light: “It’s a clever play on drugs, vitamins, space exploration and time,” Henderson adds. “And really, aren’t those captivating themes to work into a light fixture?” We think so.

Equally captivating is Henderson’s dedication to the environment. In keeping with his commitment to create “super fun fixtures for you that are kind to good old Mother Earth,” the Capsule collection is made using 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled glass.

It’s also available in two distinctive finishes, to suit all kinds of interiors. “The chrome is expected,” says Henderson of the finish options, “although the smoke glass may not be—but as a fan of the ’60s and ’70s it’s hard not to love it. Meanwhile, the Champagne is gorgeous and bright and fun and warm. I will probably find uses for both in my living spaces.”

Which one will you use? Check out the whole Capsule collection, only available at Lumens.

Capusule Chandelier by Varaluz

The Capsule Chandelier by Varaluz in Champagene.

Varaluz Capsule Cluster Pendant

Capsule Cluster Pendant by Varaluz in Chrome with Smoke Glass.


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