Soaring into 2012: My Newest Lighting Picks

Take a look at some of the top new lighting designs for 2012, including the QisDesign Seagull Task Lamp for Square Walnut and the Halley Outdoor Light by Vibia.

As promised, I’ve returned to note a few more inspiring lighting fixtures for 2012 that have really taken me “beyond my normal atmosphere” with their conceptual designs.

QisDesign Seagull Task Lamp for Square Walnut:

First up is the QisDesign Seagull Task Lamp for QisDesign. A fairly flighty lamp, in the literal sense, the Seagull Task Lamp is the adult version of the paper airplane (except I wouldn’t suggest throwing this one across the room). Its interactive design begs to be played with. I just LOVE how this adaptable lamp embodies a sense of childlike whimsy while still looking contemporary and grounded (a difficult combination to get right, but here it is). It is one of our favorite table lamps for living room lighting.

Seagull Table Lamp by QisDesign for Square Walnut

Foscarini Anisha Table Lamp

A strong symbolic piece for all its simplicity, the Anisha Table Lamp by Foscarini appears like a doorway to the future. The first thing that catches the eye is its shape. The continuous circle was inspired not by the desire to make a “new” object (according to designer Albert Lievore), but rather an eternal one. This simple shape gives the LED illumination a stronger, almost gravitational pull. Check out the entire interview with Lievore here and get a unique perspective on Anisha’s genesis.

Foscarini Anisha Table Lamp

Vibia Halley Outdoor Light

And finally, here’s one of THE COOLEST lights I’ve come across: the Halley Outdoor Light by Vibia. Designed by Spanish designers Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, the Halley Outdoor Light is a modernized version of Halley’s Comet and brings a sense of heavenly glory to my very earthy backyard. I like it because it’s not a pendant and not quite a floor lamp. That means I don’t have to be tied to the patio or porch when having an evening meal with friends, and the light spreads across my whole table versus just a single corner. And since several of these guys can be used together, I can have practically any size party and still have the perfect amount of illumination!

Halley Outdoor Light by Vibia

So there are my picks for 2012! Remember to check the New & Noteworthy section often to see all the great new lighting and furniture designs we’re sure you’ll want to know about.

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