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Shaping Your Interiors with Modern Rugs

When you’re decorating a room, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the major furniture pieces that anchor the room. While those are undoubtedly important, your flooring makes a big visual impact. Using well placed modern rugs can help you to create distinct sections of the room that keep everything grounded.

Particularly in large space like the living room, a good area rug can delineate different seating spaces and help to visually guide your guests to the spaces you’d like to highlight. Apartment Therapy describes the spatial tactic, “When we think of room dividers, we usually imagine screens, shelves, or some other kind of vertical partition, but horizontal planes can just as effectively define “rooms” within a larger space. Without creating a physical barrier, rugs help to separate living rooms from dining rooms, foyers from halls, and bedrooms from open spaces.”

As far as interior design is concerned, a good rug is essential. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite contemporary floor coverings available at Lumens.

Jalwa 3 Rug by Mat-the-Basics

Jalwa Rug by Mat-the-BasicsIf you’re looking for an exotic look, the Jalwa 3 Rug from Mat-The-Basics, is a great option.

Available in Dark Red, Light Beige, or Orange, the Jalwa 3 is a unique addition to any modern home.

This handmade statement piece is a 100% restored wool rug that has been hand-stitched using reclaimed leftover dyed yarns with rough edges to give it its unique appearance.

Skinny Stripe Shag Mat by Chilewich

Chilewich Skinny Shag MatChilewich Indoor / Outdoor Mat

We just love the Skinny Strip Shag Indoor Outdoor Mat from Chilewich. This versatile piece is just perfect. With a neutral appearance that works for any color scheme and a shaggy texture that lends character to the room, the mat is perfect for your kitchen, the bathroom, or your back door. Best of all? The rug is quick to dry and resistant to mildew so it’s easy for it to retain its contemporary appearance over time.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Skinny Stripe Shag Indoor / Outdoor Mat:

I am using this mat inside my back door. It is a practical, durable mat of outdoor material and construction, but it looks like a stylish indoor mat. I’ve found Chilewich products to be pricey but worth the extra money. The mat cleans up beautifully after soiling. I expect to get years of use out of this and will probably order another one for my mud room.

Kalahari Velours Rug by Missoni Home

Kalahari Velours Rug by Missioni HomeIf you’re looking for a modern rug with a little bit more personality, the Kalahair Velours Rug from Missoni Home is a great addition to a modern room.

The multicolored rug has fluid contours that create a flowing dynamism to your room. Made from a blend of wool and viscose, the Kalahari is available in two different options for sizes and color patterns.

The handmade rug is a custom product made to order in Italy and usually ships within six to eight weeks.

With these three contemporary rugs, you can transform your floors from bottom of the barrel to top of the heap.

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