Scandinavian Icons: Iittala

What started as a small glass factory in Finland has become one of the most iconic brands in modern design. We’re excited to introduce glassware and more from Iittala, just in time for the holidays. Iittala pieces make an especially great gift for design-junkie clients and colleagues.

Alvar Aalto and Kaj Franck are two well-recognized names behind many of Iitala’s dinnerware, cookware, vases and other home accessories, each of which adheres to a solidified design aesthetic: simple, functional and darn beautiful. The collection has expanded into other materials–wood, porcelain, stainless steel–while still retaining the Scandinavian design aesthetic its been known for since the 1930s.

Here are a few of our favorite Iittala pieces perfect for holiday and beyond:

Rain Aalto Vase By Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Alvar Aalto VaseIittala Vase

Creating one Alvar Aalto vase takes a bit of an army: specifically, 7 skilled craftsman, 12 work stages, 1100 degrees Celsius and 30 hours until a single vase is ready for prime time. This blue-gray version of the popular glass-blown Alvar Aalto vase is dynamic and moody while accommodating any flowers or plants you want. It is available in three sizes (3.75″, 4.75″ and 6.25″) to fit a variety of greenery.

Teema Collection by Kaj Franck for Iittala

Teema Mug by IittalaThe Teema collection of dinnerware is the perfect example of simplified, super functional, high quality design that Iittala is known for.

Designed by Kaj Franck in 1952, each piece of the Teema collection is made with durable porcelain that not only looks great, but also meets all of your dinnerware needs.

This contemporary collection includes a serving set, serving bowl, salad plate, dinner plate, pasta bowl, milk jug, coffee mugs, a teapot and more.

Ruby Toikka Bird by Oiva Toikka for Iittala

Ruby Red Toikka Bird by IittalaToikka Birds

Designed originally in 1996 by Oiva Toikka, the Iittala Ruby Bird was re-released in 2014 in a new, deep cranberry finish. The Ruby Bird, as well as every bird from Oiva Toikka, is handmade from mouth-blown glass, making it a unique and one of a kind design accessory. You will want to see the complete Toikka Bird collection for Iittala for designs similar to the Ruby Bird.

Be sure to see all of the unique dinnerware, cookware, vases and home accessories available from Iittala.

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