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Regal Lighting for the Throne Room: Size

It’s round 2 for one of my favorite design topics: bathroom chandeliers. In my previous blog, we took a closer look at how to choose the best chandelier to create the perfect tenor for your throne room. Since the look is not simply about glitz but about creating an atmosphere of elegance, almost any style chandelier in the right setting will add a touch of regal luxury.

In order to create a sense of comfort and singularity, however, size must also be taken into consideration. Yes, bling can be beautiful, but in the bathroom, too large of a fixture can make a bathroom feel like a crowded subway car while too small of one can be surprisingly distracting.


As a rule of thumb, chandeliers should be hung about 7′ above the floor for clearance and to avoid creating circular shadows on the ceiling, and they should be around the same width/diameter as the sum of the room’s dimensions to create adequate illumination (ex. Say your bathroom is 10×12, and 10 + 12= 24. A fixture with a width/diameter of 24″ should be about right.) Also keep in mind that the higher a fixture is hung, the smaller it will appear. Below is an Italian chandelier from the FDV Collection with appropriate dimensions for the space. The result is a peaceful landscape with a smooth wash of light, and the chandelier remains distinct without being overly pronounced:

Italian Chandelier

Photo from Hendel Homes Architecture

While this height rule is generally a good rule to follow, if you’re feeling a bit daring, there are many right ways to break it. For example, here’s a stunning modern chandelier by Flos that’s actually been hung a bit less than 7′ from the floor for a greater sense of presence in this larger, monochromatic bathroom. Because white walls and marble flooring can quickly become icy, the chandelier should be more prominent in order to break up any arctic tendencies. Wavy chandelier arms give the room a sense of movement as well, mimicked by the sink cabinetry:

Flos Chandelier

Photo from Furniture Trendzona

Of course, not all bathrooms are tall enough for a full hanging chandelier, but that doesn’t mean the bling factor can’t still exist. Consider a flushmount or semi-flushmount to create a similar look without crowding the room. In this remodel, the Bling Flushmount by Robert Abbey is used to add a splash of sparkle:

Robert Abbey Bling Flushmount

Photo courtesy of ‘Life Begins at Thirty, Right?’ blog

Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to put chandeliers on a dimmer. Dimmers are simple, inexpensive ways to add instant romance and intimacy to a luxurious soak in the tub. Your relaxing throne room awaits!

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