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Recap: Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

Last Friday night I found myself driving around Land Park near Tower Theater, making my way down the busy thoroughfare off Broadway. As I reached Pancake Circus, I noticed the cars changing from hybrids and SUVs to restored 1950s and 60s models in a rainbow of pastel colors.

It turns out they had arrived to accompany the 7 homes featured in this year’s Mid-Century Modern Home Tour hosted by Sacramento Modern (SacMod) since 2010.

Lumens is a proud Diamond sponsor of the event—which takes place every 3 years—so I was thrilled that I could take part in the tour while geeking out on everything mid-century-modern.

This year’s tour featured homes in Land Park, Hollywood Park and Greenhaven, each perfecting the wide variety of styles that dominated the middle of the 20th century. From Eichler homes to ranch style and over-the-top retro vibes, the tour delivered on showing off the best of Sacramento—vintage cars and historic landmarks were just the cherries on top.

The first stop was the home of Hepcat Restorations’ owners, Shane and Mel. I honestly didn’t know what to expect on this tour…and I have to say I was not disappointed. The sheer volume of retro and vintage furniture, lighting and accessories is undoubtedly due to their hobby of collecting knickknacks from the mid-century—and they pull it off with flair.


I fell in love with this pink kitchen…it is too cheerful not to! Walking through the house (complete with a tiki room/lanai) felt like a Disneyland ride, especially because they had period-specific televisions, kitchen items and laundry boxes placed around the house.

The rest of the homes had a much more minimalistic approach to mid-century modern. Take a look at the perfect proportions and color-coordination of this home:



This blended to the exteriors as well. Who knew a cinder block would act as a convenient table between outdoor lounge chairs!

Photo Jun 18, 11 15 25 AM

Sunburst Clock in Multi-color by George Nelson for Vitra.

I was basically in mid-century modern heaven all morning.



This moved us to the back-to-back Eichler homes on the tour. A little art history refresher: Joseph Eichler developed around 11,000 homes in California, with architects A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons here in Sacramento. In 1955, 60 Eichler homes were constructed in South Land Park alone! The distinct flat or low-sloping roof lines were complemented with high walls in the front and panoramic windows in the back—maximizing the relationship to the outdoors with the benefit of lots of light and privacy.


Here is the master-bedroom in Andy and Karen’s 1955 Eichler home, which they have been restoring since 2013. Check out the symmetrically placed AJ Wall Sconce from Louis Poulsen. The house heavily featured black, grey and green in both the yard and interior, boasting a harmonious and serene color-scheme throughout.


I appreciated that they broke up the palette with splashes of blue in the kitchen. How cute is this Pantone-inspired coffee corner??

The last stop was a rare custom home by Sparks and Thaden (1959/1967) in Land Park. A young couple owns it now and have done wonders with the space while keeping the spirit of its original design intact.

It was hard to get a picture since it was so crowded (Understandably so!) but you actually enter the home from downstairs in the carport. You are greeted with a spiral staircase in the foyer, leading you to the swanky living space up top.


I felt like I was in a James Bond movie. The owners were dressed to the nines in their vintage outfits with 1960s cocktail party music playing in the background. It was like being transported in to an episode of Mad Men.

These are just a couple of the beautifully styled homes we encountered along the tour, and I could go on forever about how much I loved each one. I encourage everyone to join us and SacMod again on the next one!

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Sarah C

Sarah C

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