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Recap: Dwell on Design 2013

Dwell on Design recap 1

Our team headed to Los Angeles last week for Dwell on Design, the West Coast’s major modern design event to check out everything from lighting to live art to furniture and a way-too-exciting run-in with some of our favorite Bravo TV stars.

Here’s some of our favorite finds from the event:

Dwell on Design - Emeco

The Emeco booth was a beautiful destination for good design, with the company’s mantra taking center stage among its collection of chairs, including (bottom, from left to right) Philippe Starck’s Broom Chair, the 111 Navy Chair (made from 111 recycled Coca-Cola bottles) and Konstantin Grcic’s Parrish Side Chair.

Dwell on Design - Inside Norway

We swooned over just about everything in the Norwegian design area, including these glass bubble “trees” from design studios StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo. Also shown: Oo DESK LAMP by Sverre Uhnger and Grandpa Clock by Gridy.

Dwell on Design - David Trubridge

David Trubridge was recognized for their outstanding showing of his lighting work.

Dwell on Design - WhyrHymer

Handmade lighting by LA-based company Whyrhymer and designer Brandon Morrison isn’t done justice by photos. The originality and attention to detail is stunning.

Dwell on Design - Jeff Lewis Color

Lights! Camera! Jeff Lewis and team were there to promote Jeff Lewis Color, his new paint line in a well-edited palette of 32 warm, modern colors. Please excuse this brief interlude of Lumens groupie love:

Dwell on Design - Jeff Lewis Bravo


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