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Ready, Set, Vrooooom! Wooden Toys from Playsam

2010 June 11

Everyone, start your engines! Playsam is now available on

These sweet rides are filled with cool and sleek lines…and are an amazingly simple yet sophisticated mix of ’30s Soapbox, ’50s Concept, and ’60s Roadster. Oh, yeah, baby.

Lumens currently has 8 super fine Playsam designs. Among them:

Streamliner Classic by PlaysamStreamliner Classic. “Streamliner är en svensk design klassiker.” In English, that means, “Streamliner Classic has been selected by the Swedish National Museum as a Swedish Design Classic.” The unparalleled beauty of simplicity is so clearly evident in the Streamliner Classic. Made of wood, including wood wheels (a screw in each wheel is the only contrasting material). With four super glossy color options–black, green, silver, red. Also available in natural lacquer (aka organic).

Racer F1 by PlaysamRacer F1. Are you singing “Go, Speed Racer, Go” yet? You will be once you take this fast little Formula 1 out for a spin. Made of wood, with soft foam Formula 1 racing tires and a (so cute) little Formula 1 driver–complete with a removable racing helmet. But the best thing about Racer F1? Superior cornering! Push on either side of the rear wing and the car turns oh so smoothly…as smooth as slicing through warm butter.

Jetliner by PlaysamJetliner.  Fine Scandinavian woodworking + good, glossy fun…with a little nod to the Red Baron thrown in, too. The wood Jetliner includes a playful little pilot (complete with aviator goggles) and two rotating wood wheels attach to a slim silver metal bar. Available in high flying, super shiny red, silver or black.

These three Playsam designs are among those designed by Ulf Hanses, aka the “playful functionalist” at Playsam. He strives to create quality, lasting toys that have a superior and fun sense of form, volume and proportion.

And if you’re loving the wooden toy look, be sure to check out our post on the Shuffle Table by &Tradition.

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